Pink Monet

per 1/2 oz

Pink Monet is a robust, Sativa-dominant Hybrid cross between our Award-Winning Sour Sangria and Twisted Cherries. Dark orange Pistils veil the surface of these green and purple buds, coated in a thin layer of crystal-clear Trichomes with a reddish hue. A deep shade of plum intensifies upon breaking the flower, releasing a mélange of black fruit notes reminiscent of cherries and blackberries, followed by hints of toasted and warm spices. A sweet, floral, and velvet-smooth exhale balances the tart flavor that lingers on the tongue - creating a lively sweet, and sour profile. This strain retains the finest qualities of each parent; reported effects include a cerebral uplift, appetite stimulation, increased focus, and creativity that slowly progress into a dreamy, blissful state of tranquility.


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