French Laundry

per 1/8 oz

French Laundry, a dynamic Hybrid cross of The Soap and our own L.A. Rouge, is an exquisite, Multi-Award-Winning Strain, recently taking 1st Place at The 2023 Farmer's Cup and 4th Place at The 2023 Emerald Awards in The Breeder's Cup, with a complex flavor profile and a well-balanced range of effects. These nugs, similar in structure to their parent strain L.A. Rouge, display vivid shades of green, violet, and orange beneath a frosting of dense Trichomes, reminiscent of crystals. Its aroma and flavor profile offer notes of fresh citrus, sweet earthy pine, and sharp cheese, working together to create a charcuterie-like experience. Like the perfect balance of wine and cheese, French Laundry's range of effects creates a wonderful balance for all senses. Its euphoric boost, profound relaxation, calming buzz, and tension relief make it the perfect Hybrid for daytime or nighttime use that will elevate any setting or experience.


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